Strive to achieve & learn not for the school but for the life.

The School is being constructed as per the specifications and rules for an ideal school. All class-rooms are spacious, with required ventilations, CCTV and equipped with Audio-Visual facilities. Every student will be provided, Bus facility, Noon Meals in Separate Dinning Hall, Trained Coaches for sports activities, Yoga by experts, ABACUS training by experts and Spiritual workshops by GEETA PARIWAR. All parents will be provided a Krishnam School App to keep in touch with school authorities to get information of school activities and progress of their ward

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“The school aims to promote EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION in every sense of the term”

The krishnam school has a qualitative educational approach based on modern international norms. With longer ‘school hours’, the School aims to improve academic results as well as character, through a balanced curriculum and an all-round education.

We believe in developing all-round personality of our students so that they can be responsible citizens of our country. We can assure you that your child will get the best quality education from highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff at krishnam school.Its buildings have been designed with great care, not only to suit the purpose of all-round education, but also to give the child an atmosphere of home – the child’s own comfort zone.

What is the Management structure which runs the schools?

We have an eminent panel of thought leaders and educationists on our Advisory Board to guide the school. With Head Master as the guiding force, a full-fledged organization (comprising of a dedicated Curriculum and Teacher empowerment Team and other support functions) led by our schools.

What are the extracurricular activities in the school?

What kind of medical facilities do you provide?

We have a well equipped infirmary school. Doctors are available on call.

What aspects of child safety have been considered?

All systems and processes are in place to ensure the safety of the child in the school premises and while in the school bus.

Our purpose is to help students strengthen educational fundamentals,
and build a foundation of moral character

" The Education of Tomorrow, Rooted in Tradition Invite You "

We are committed to providing a safe, happy environment for your child, where they are able to be themselves and thrive,
While acquiring the educational foundation needed to achieve


Students are admitted to class I. Application for this class is ordinarily taken three months prior to the commencement of the academic year. The dates of application are announced every year on the School Notice Board and also through various means of communication.

The academic year begins in the first week of April. Normally, casual vacancies in other classes are filled in after the commencement of the academic year. All students applying for admission are normally asked to appear for an admission test and an interview.


The Krishnam School is a secular and coeducational school that believes in giving an equal opportunity to all children irrespective of caste, creed, sex or social origin.

It firmly believes in instilling a sense of love and respect for India, our motherland, and its rich cultural heritage. The education programme of the school is child centered. All student are therefore, trained to optimize their learning abilities and develop their personal potential to the fullest.

This is accompanied with a human climate in the School in order to promote student self-esteem. The teacher-student relationship is one of mutual respect and understanding. The School stands for promoting Truth and Honesty not only among its student but in the community at large.

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The years a student spends in the school should enable him/her to acquire sound principles of conduct and action and lay a solid foundation for a true purposeful living when he/she attains adulthood.

Principles of ethics, honesty, trust, co-operation, self-reliance and hard work are inculcated through various school activities. In and through these activities a student learns to do things by himself/herself under the supervision of moderators.

They are given the opportunity to see the practical application of the abstract ideas that they learn in the classroom on a give and take basis. Certain activities are conducted under the House system.

The entire school is divided into Houses: Gandhi, Subhash, Nehru and Azad in order to encourage team-spirit and co-operation. Activities like dramatics, elocution, sports and games are carried out under the guidance of moderators as well as Physical Education teachers assisted by Captains and Vic-Captains appointed for various Houses.

The academic year begins in the first week of April. Normally, casual vacancies in other classes are filled in after the commencement of the academic year. All students applying for admission are normally asked to appear for an admission test and an interview.

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i) Punctuality is of great importance in the School. Corrective action such as detention. will be taken to change the behavior of habitual offenders of this rule.

ii) Politeness and good manners will be expected from all students towards each other and towards all members of staff.

iii) Obedience to instruction given by teachers and other members of staff is essential.

iv) Cheating in any from in tests and examination is a major disciplinary offence. The first offence will result in a warning to the student and a letter to the parents. The second offence will result in suspension from the school for a specified period of time. The third offence may lead to expulsion from the school. The principals/ Head Mistress decision in this matter will be final and not open for discussion.

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